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Why we love O Cosmedics

Here at Sea Beauty we only offer our clients the best and latest in all things skincare, so today we’re hear to talk about O Cosmedics.

O Cosmedics is an Australian skincare brand, known for its proven results when combating the major signs of ageing.

Why are O Cosmedics skin care products so special?

O Cosmedics have worldwide exclusive rights to V8 Peptide complex. It works as a front runner in improving and revitalizing skin by accelerating healing and rejuvenation of your skin cells. O Cosmedics is the only company in the world that can use V8 Peptide Complex!

“It’s the key to unlocking timeless beauty”. – (Marie Enna-Cocciolone, Founder and CEO.)

What is V8 Peptide Complex

V8 Peptide Complex is a vitamin A compound that uses a set number of contents in unison with nature, medical grade ingredients and A grade science to reverse the signs of aging, rejuvenate and re-hydrate skin.

V8 Peptide Complex promises to:

  • Help protect your skin cells structure from UV damage
  • Help fade skin pigmentation, reduce sallowness and boost elasticity
  • It’s a muscle relaxant to help reduce the neurotransmitters that are responsible fro the muscle contractions that cause fine lines.
Who are O Cosmedics?

O Cosmedics works in conjunction with worldwide scientists and local cosmetic chemists to provide all the latest in skincare and anti-ageing. O is also organic, the ingredients contain no hidden nasties and they are major supporters of NO animal testing.

Marie Enna-Cocciolone, is a trusted and established front runner in skincare and health over the last 26 years.

Marie details her Australian skincare brand:

“O is the next leap from “Green” and “Blue” skincare (botanical and sea) to Bio-Technology where biomimetic theories have been adopted to mimic the skin, its behaviours and ultimately transform skins promoting normal skin functional, cellular optimisation and ultimately SKIN YOUTH.”

Due to her noteworthy and distinguished experience in skincare, we could not be more excited to have O Cosmedics skin care product at Sea Beauty North Beach!

Why we love O Cosmedics | V8 Peptide complex | Sea Beauty North Beach

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