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Super Hair Removal Treatment

What is SHR (Super Hair Removal Treatment)?

SHR otherwise known as Super Hair Removal Treatment is a technology that combines Laser and IPL. You can read all about our IPL services by clicking here.

Sea Beauty North Beach is excited to be offering the latest in Super Hair Removal Services. SHR is a breakthrough in permanent hair reduction. This hair removal treatment works in a similar manner to IPL. Light is used to damage the hair follicle with a cooling hand held device. This form of hair removal is relatively painless due to the advanced technology used.

SHR machines can perform hair removal up to 10x faster than IPL. The active cooling device means there is less adverse sensation during treatment.

How many SHR Treatments will I need?

You will need around 5 sessions of SHR to see permanent hair reduction. A consultation is necessary with a qualified beautician at Sea Beauty North Beach. Please contact us at the salon for any questions regarding the SHR Hair Removal Treatment. Unlike IPL’s reduced effectiveness when it comes to darker skin pigment, SHR Treatments are suitable for all skin types.

For most people, a course of five treatments should be sufficient. Talk with our skin trainers to develop your own personal plan. 

The following prices are for single treatments.

Women’s SHR 

Upper lip and chin $70
Upper lip $50
Chin $50
Sides of face $80
Under arm $75
Full arm $200
Half arm $130
Bikini $90
G-String $120
Brazilian $160
Half leg $170
Full leg $250

Men’s SHR

Full chest (including stomach) $250
Stomach only $180
Upper back (including shoulders) $190
Upper chest only $180
Full back $250
Back of neck $90
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