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The Kim Kardashian Cellulite Debate

We thought for this post we’d weigh in on the Kim Kardashian cellulite debate. To give you the back story, Kim was recently snapped by paparazzi in Punta Mita, Mexico, wearing a bikini. Basically the upheaval has come about as the photos are unretouched and show (heaven forbid) cellulite. Despite the fact that she looks the fittest she has ever looked after having two children, the focus is still on the fact that she has cellulite.

There are two ways you could look at this story. One is that Kim Kardashian has brought this public scrutiny on herself. By photoshopping her Instagram photos to have perfect (dimple free) skin all the time. Therefore when we see the ‘real’ Kim there is judgement. Or the second is that we should be supporting her (and all women) who are body shamed in such a public manner. We think we will go with the latter and here is why.

Most of us are guilty of portraying our best selves on Instagram or social media and most of us would be slightly offended if our friends posted that one really unflattering photo of you from the other night. Now imagine that on a larger scale – say all over the world on magazines everywhere.

Cellulite is a part of reality. Imperfection, if that’s what you want to call it, is a part of reality. We have become so immune to reality that when we see a woman (or man) in their natural state the judgement is beyond half.

Photoshop will always be the norm when it comes to magazines and photoshoots, at least for now. As long as we are aware that it is not reality. Embrace your bodies and imperfections, because they are only imperfections if you label them as such.

Lots of love, Sea Beauty.

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