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Skincare Secrets From The 2018 Victoria Secret Models

Skincare Secrets from 2018 Victoria Secret Models

We were all very excited when we heard the news that 4 Aussie bombshells will be taking on the 2018 Victoria Secret Runway this December. And as patriotic as we are all feeling, we can’t help but wonder how Aussie models like Shanina Shaik, keep their skin looking so fresh. Talk about skincare inspo!

With this in mind, the ladies at Sea Beauty decided to undergo a little research on how we can all gain and maintain that model glow.

LED Light Therapy Treatments

What better way to treat acne, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, then with an LED Light Therapy Treatment. Shanina Shaik is a lover of the red LED Light Therapy Treatment and as you can tell, her results are flawless. In recent months, Shanina shared her skincare tips when preparing for her wedding to then fiancé, now hubby DJ Ruckus.

Shanina Shaik loves LED Light Treatment | Sea Beauty North beachSea Beauty offers LED light therapy treatments to help revitalise, rejuvenate and care for your skin. Book for an appointment now and begin your VS skincare journey!

The Victoria’s Secret Skincare Diet

When it comes to skincare, your diet plays a significant role. Healthy juices (predominantly vegetable based), lots of water and clean eating were three reoccurring tips from some of the models.

Mzia Shiman, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show skin specialist also noted, that “drinking a skin-boosting green juice a day” can help overall natural complexion. Yum!

*Juice Tip: Make sure your juices are low in sugars. You want to avoid putting in too much high-sugar fruit such as apple, and watermelon, otherwise it can actually have a reverse effect!

Although fruits and vegetables do contain some level of hydration, it is important to still drink good old-fashioned water to stay hydrated. Keeping a bottle handy at all times throughout the day is a good way to remember to hydrate.

Victoria Secret Model Adriana Lima also noted the importance of keeping hydrated, as she stated her love for Coconut Water! That’s right, Lima swears by coconut. A hot tip by this beauty is to soak cotton pads in coconut water and lightly press them onto your face.

Victoria’s Secret Vitamins, Serums and Oils.

Sea Beauty offers the Australian organic skincare range; O Cosmetics. Which holds exclusive rights to V8 peptide complex, that helps to re-hydrate, re-vitalise and rejuvenate skin. V8 peptide complex is a Vitamin A compound that helps healthy skin cell production and skin firmness. This helps to also fight against signs of aging.

O Cosmedics Products on offer at Sea Beauty

Natural vitamins, serums and oils have amazing benefits for the texture and overall complexation of your skin. Hydrated skin ensures a more vibrant and plump complexion that is less prone to wrinkles and signs of aging. Further, ensure you are treating your skin with the right vitamins, serums and oils to gain a glowing and clear complexion.

So, there you have it… we hope these 3 tips and tricks help you and your Victoria Secret skincare journey! For more information, book a consultation with us at Sea Beauty in North Beach.

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