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New Eyebrow Tattoo Specialist at North Beach

We have a new eyebrow tattoo specialist at our North Beach Salon! Pon has been trained overseas in eyebrow tattooing including, microblading, feather touch tattoo, ombre tattooing and more. She can wax and tint your brows to perfection right her in North Beach!

Nothing is better than waking up with the perfect brows, so read on to find out more about eyebrow tattooing.

e have a NEW Eyebrow Tattoo Specialist | Sea Beauty North Beach
What is Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattooing?

Feather Touch Brow Tattooing is a form of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. Strokes are made with a fine surgical blade to mimic the client’s natural brow shape and hair direction. A shade of dye is then embedded into the incisions. This dye is available in a variety of colours to best suit your natural hair colour and skin tone. The result is beautifully defined brows that look natural!

What is Ombre Brow Tattooing?

Ombre Brow Tattooing looks more like powder filled brows, rather than fine strokes. The specialist uses a small tattoo gun to create the look. The pigment is usually lighter at the start of the brow, and gradually gets darker on the tail of the brow.

How long does Brow Tattooing last?

Brow Tattooing lasts up to 24 months. Just incase you were planning on getting your brows tattooed for a big event, your brows will appear up to 80% darker than the final healed result (so don’t be alarmed!). It’s best to plan with a couple weeks in between your brow session and your event. This will also allow for a touch up appointment incase any of the pigment hasn’t quite settled.

Please contact Sea Beauty North Beach to book your Feather Touch Brow Tattoo or Ombre appointment today with our new eyebrow tattoo specialist.