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Day to day activities making your skin dirty

Have you ever wondered about daily activities making your skin dirty, causing blemishes? Ew, we have!

The bad news is there are so many germs around that you would be shocked as to what could potentially be causing your breakouts. The good news? We can pin point a few below to help get your started on your journey to clean skin.

Day to day activities making your skin dirty…

  1. Makeup brushes – This is a pretty simple one as your make up brushes make contact with your skin at least once a day. So keep them clean! There are many spray brush cleaners out there making this a fairly easy chore. Just spray your brush after use and wash them once a week.
  2. Your pillowcase – No explanation needed, wash it, like a lot.
  3. Wash your hands a lot – Try to carry a hand cleanser around with you. Remember to wash your hands frequently as you can pick up germs from anything. Also, don’t touch your face!
  4. Remove makeup before exercising – This is really important guys! When you work out and sweat, your pores enlarge and can become clogged. Make sure your remove your makeup before and after hitting the gym to ensure you a blemish free the next day!

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