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Beauty Treatments for Melbourne Cup 2018

The 3 treatments we recommend booking in for Melbourne Cup 2018

With just one week to go until the 2018 Melbourne Cup, it is time to finish off those few final yet important touches. Amongst all the outfit preparation, it’s important to remember to book your beauty treatments.

Sea Beauty have put together 3 must-have treatments to perfectly accompany any 2018 Melbourne Cup ensemble. Remember, attention to detail is crucial to any attire.

That’s right ladies, we are talking all things lash lifts and tints, tans and brow-waxes.

Beauty Treatments for Melbourne Cup 2018 | Sea Beauty Perth Salon
Lash Lift and Tint in North Beach

They often say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, right? So, it is paramount we keep our eyes looking their absolute finest. What better way to keep your eyes looking vibrant, awake and fresh, than with a lash lift and tint?

A Lash Lift and Tint at Sea Beauty, is one of our most adored treatments. Suited to any female, with any eye-shape, this procedure is a great way make your eyes look bolder and bigger.

An eyelash lift is where a 30-minute keratin treatment is applied onto your lashes. This is a semi-permanent treatment that curls your eyelashes upward. This procedure is great for women who find their eyelashes have a greater fall-out rate and seek an alternative form of treatment to eyelash extensions.

A Lash Lift will make your lashes look and feel longer, popping your natural features!

A Lash Tint goes hand in hand with a lash lift. Why? Because it allows your lashes to look bolder and stand out, through making them darker. No mascara needed! If you feel your lashes look near invisible without make-up, this quick and easy treatment is for you.

Eyelash tint $20

Aussie Bombshell Spray Tan

The Melbourne Cup is all about colour, summer dresses and confidence. So, with that being said, a natural looking spray tan would be the perfect outfit accompaniment. We can’t have you looking like you just stepped out of Winter in a floral dress, now can we!

Here at Sea Beauty, we only offer treatments of the highest quality. Aussie Bombshell Spray Tans are the perfectly natural and progressive tanning agent that leaves you looking sun kissed and bronzed. In the most organic looking way possible. European holiday, weekend in Bali? No one will ever know you even had one!

Aussie Bombshell Standard: 10,12,15% –  $40

Brow Wax

Last but certainly not least, a Brow Wax. The perfect way to frame your face and celebrate all of your features. Define shape and tidy your eyebrows. You will not believe the difference it makes to enhancing not only your natural features but also any make-up look. A brow wax is a great way to open up your eyes, using hot or cold wax. A quick and easy way to freshen up your look.

Eyebrow $20

Sea Beauty is all about enhancing your natural features and helping you feel your most confident in your own skin! We hope these little beauty tricks finish off your Melbourne Cup look perfectly.

Feel your most special this 2018 Melbourne Cup.

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