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Alcohol to avoid for your skin

Yes we all love to cheeky drink on a Friday afternoon or a night out with the girls but do you know the alcohol to avoid for your skin?

We know it’s unrealistic to expect people to cut away all forms of alcohol so we thought we’d share a bit of research as to which forms of alcohol are worst for your skin. And just for a healthy balance, which alcohol is better* for your skin.

To put it quite simply, alcohol can be damaging to the liver, which has an adverse effect on the skin.

All alcohol dehydrates your skin, which means the next morning you can expect a slightly less fresh looking appearance in the colour and plumpness of your skin. So which alcohol should we avoid and which drinks are least harmful? Check out below.

Clear Shots – Vodka and Gin

Most of you watching your weight would already be familiar with the benefits of drinking the classic vodka soda. This is the best drink not only for your waistline but for your skin as it doesn’t contain added sugars. But don’t get too crazy, remember everything in moderation.

Red Wine

The best drink for your skin is supposedly red wine due to its antioxidants. However if you are prone to rosacea then red wine is a no go zone. Red wine can lead to rosacea flair ups and can also cause a histamine release in some people leading to flushing.

Dark Shots – Rum, Whiskey and Tequila

Ok so from our research, darker liquor contains more congeners and products of extra fermentation that clear liquor does not. This means you may be up for a worse hangover if you like dark liquor, and also prone to accelerated ageing of the skin. No thank you.


Who doesn’t love a fruity cocktail? Your skin, that’s who! With all the added sugars in cocktail mixes you will not only wake up with a hangover but a sugar hangover too. The spike in your insulin levels as a result of the excess sugar can lead to sallow skin, bloodshot eyes and inflammation throughout the body.

White Wine

Apparently this bad boy contains salt and sugar which can lead to swollen skin and bloating. If that isn’t bad enough for you it can increase your hunger, so you can be sure to reach for the sweets or a good old kebab on the way home.

*Responsible reminder that alcohol isn’t great for the skin but we are looking at the best of the worst choices.

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